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12 unique Conferences on green solutions will be held in Montreux


Book and run your workshop in Geneva and in Montreux.

Pitching sessions

Pitch Time sessions available in Geneva and Montreux.


The museum of sustainable solutions will be only in Geneva.

Special Exhibition

A large number of sustainable innovations will be showcased.

Guests of Honor

Celebrities and special guests are invited to the Show.

Green Cinema

Green Cinema will be organized only in Geneva Palexpo.

Eco-Fashion Show

EcoModa show will be showcased in Geneva.

Eco-Food & Drinks

Eco-food & drinks are available during the Show.

2m2c Montreux December 1-3 2021

Climate Show Montreux


Climate Show Tour

Surface and Stands Availability for Exhibitors
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Official Hashtags of the Climate Show 2021




The Guest of honor

Fernand Cuche will be present at the press conference in Geneva and will speak at the plenary session

The organizers of the climate show are delighted to welcome the guest of honor 2021

Message of the Climate Show

Go Green from 2021 and beyond

Go Green in Entrepreneurship is the message of the Climate Show in Montreux during the 3 days. The Fair will showcase eco-entrepreneurs and their sustainable projects through several presentations and pitches to encourage the creation of more green initiatives and sustainable companies.

Key Events Geneva - Montreux

2021-12-01 @11:00-12:30

Climate Change and Technology Transfer Conference

Solutions for Climate change mitigation – Montreux 2021
Special session on the transfer of available eco-technologies, sustainable inventions and solutions – How, where and under which conditions ? 

2021-12-01 @11:00-12:30

2021-12-01 @09:00-10:00

Climate Change and Infectious diseases Conference

Climate change and the spread of pathogens – Montreux 2021
There is an emerging link between climate change and the spread of climate sensitive viruses. This one-day conference aims to open the debate on climate change and the spread of pathogens and solutions for predicting, avoiding and restoring the balance.

2021-12-01 @09:00-10:00

2022-04-13 @15:30-16:00

Oceans and lakes microplastic Pollution Workshop

SOS – Marine Microplastic Pollution – Geneva 2022
Extraordinary session and debate on the issue of lakes and oceans polluted by microplastics and chemicals due to synthetic fibres and dyes during clothes washing processes and the availability of solutions today.

2022-04-13 @15:30-16:00

Time Machine Exhibition

New in 2021 at Montreux Climate Show

12 Conferences & Special exhibition ” Time Machine”

The organizers are proud to present the unique exhibition “Time Machine”. More information will be published soon.

Share on real ideas

in relation to climate change

The 12 conferences in Montreux are  the unmissable opportunities to discover  new innovations, network and  exchange on major real issues related to climate change, most of  which are still  today unresolved.

Sylvester, Climate Show Mascot

the European wildcat


Our Mascot since 2018

Sylvester, the European wildcat, is the official mascot of the Climate Show since 2018. Sylvester has disappeared from several parts of the world and especially in Europe. This is probably due to the disappearance of its forest habitat. Its return and re-appearance symbolize for some, the return of nature.

Guardians of the planet

Become the Guardian of the planet

Contribute to the work of environmental organizations on-site
You not only contribute in rebuilding damaged sites, but can also go explore great natural and cultural landscapes and visit the work of environmental NGO’s on-site.

Become a Guardian of the Planet

Sponsorship program for the renovation of damaged sites

the “Guardians of the Planet” sponsorship program for the renovation of damaged sites in different regions

Climate Show Tour

Tour for the promotion of eco-solutions & innovation

The Climate Show invites all partners and the public to join us on this tour for the promotion of eco-solutions and innovations and sharing about sustainability. The tour will take the form of an evening or a morning event, where professionals and the public will be invited to attend short presentations given by sustainable companies, partners and special guests about their green initiatives and eco-projects and will be concluded by a networking sustainable aperitif. These events will be an excellent opportunity to meet, to have an open discussion and to share about our values and commitment on the issue at hand.

30 September 2021

Lausanne - 17:30-20:00

22 October 2021

Dubai - 10:00-15:00

17 November 2021

Zurich - 17:30-20:00

Green Team Building

Make the most of your team building workshop!

Our expert will handle your green team building workshop!

Our expert has years of experience in the field of green team buiding. We offer a professional program on one of the theme such as ocean or reforestation.

Plan your team buiding as part of the Climate Show

A highly important event dedicated to the climate change

In addition to all activities available during the Show, we offer a personalized green program according to your choice

Sponsors & Partners

Next Climate Show at Montreux starting in


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