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Renting your workshop or conference space

Space for workhsops, Demo, and conferences are available for renting. The conference room is equipped with beamer and technicals and set as a theater and can fit up to 100 persons while  workshop rooms are equiped with a table, chairs to run an interactive workshop for up to 20 persons. Duration is 30min or 40min. Spaces are adapted to sanitary restrictions.

How to book your workshop or conference space

Please register using form below to get a slot of time to organize your interactive workshop or conference. Once your request is accepted, please go to our Shop and book your workshop or conference room. Your conference or workshop it will be published in the agenda of the Climate Show.

The Climate Show offers the opportunity to Start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies or to any organization to book a space to run an interactive workshop-demo of a project on a topic related to the following themes:

Conditions & Price

The conference rooms are equipped with audiovisual material, price is 150 .- CHF for an exhibitor and 250.-CHF for a non exhibitor. Workshop room or Demo rooms equiped with table and chairs, price is 50.CHF (Minimum 2 workshops to be booked).

Contact us to book your workshop

Please use the form below for booking your workshop or conference. If your request is accepted, and after placing your order in our Shop, your workhop or conference will be displayed on the Climate Show agenda. 

Date & Location

From 20 to 21 of April 2022 at Geneva Palexpo.

Workshop Space Registration

Step 1 : Registration Form

Provide information about your company and your workshop.

Step 2 : Payement

Once registered, proceed to payment page


The Climate Show 2022
CHF 50 Per Workshop
  • Workshop Room
  • Tables & Chairs
  • 30 minutes
  • Network
Limited Offer

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