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We offer a wide portfolio of eco-friendly innovations and technologies

Every year the Climate Show brings together a large number of new sustainable innovations and initiatives from start-ups and SMEs. These climate-friendly inventions are often little known and are good alternatives to replace those that are not sustainable.

Innovations and technologies

The Climate Show provides large organisation and corporations a significant number of different and new climate safe technologies and innovations enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

Contact us, we will provide you with an individual offer adapted to your objectives and needs.

For Large companies & sme

Eco-solutions & Innovation

You get acces to a large network of eco-friendly innovations.

Accelerate the implementation of sustainability through the entire value chain of your company ! 

Take advantage of a vast network of climate friendly solutions today!

Extensive network of sustainable solutions and innovation

Accelerating the implementation of sustainability

Sustainable solutions from the latest technology innovations to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Strength


Access to eco-friendly solutions and innovations.


Extensive experience in implementing sustainability

Sustainable solutions for large companies

Investing in Start-ups Innovations

Impact and Sustainable Investment

Access and support in your search for investment in new innovations of start-ups and SMEs in the fields of renewable energies, eco-food, biomaterials, etc.

Offseting your carbon emissions

Investing in biorestoration of polluted sites projects

Offset your emissions by investing in projects and technologies under the global “Guardians of the Planet” program.

Sustainable technology transfer

Biopackaging, Biomaterials, Biocolorants, Natural fibers, etc.

Assistance in the transfer of the latest discoveries in sustainable solutions such as renewable energies, eco-packaging, biomaterials, etc. 

Information and contact

Please call us at +41 79 391 14 64 or contact us for more information.

One Year

Membership Package
Price upon request
  • Annual Report on sustainable innovations
  • Support in technology transfer
  • Annuel conference/network connexion
  • Follow-up during implementation

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