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Donate to the Climate Show and become a “Guardian of the Planet”!


Become Guardians of the Planet

Make a donation to the Climate Show and become “Guardians of the Planet”.

Help us to keep the Show always independent and accessible to all at the service of small ecological companies and local small environmental associations!

The Climate Show does not receive any public subvention of subsidies but it is self-financed only through the sale of stands, food, promotional space, drinks, conference and workshops tickets.

Your donations allow us to give the opportunity to many small companies and associations with very low budgets but with unique environmental innovations to participate in the exhibition, to meet business opportunities, to help them market their products or services and to participate in many other activities of the Climate Show at very reduced prices and in some cases for free.

Also, your contribution will help us to offer visitors each year a free, rich and authentic program for a true ecology for our planet and no greenwashing.

In addition, we give free spaces for environmental artists, e.g. photographers, singers, musicians, theater groups, etc. who come to animate side events.

We thank you very much for your support and we offer you:

  • Annual invitation for an aperitif
  • Personal Invitation to Climate Show events (for regular donators)
  • Plenary seat reservation (for regular donators)
  • Follow-up about Climate Show projects

Thank you very much for your support!

For  more information, please visit donations information page.


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