The Geneva Climate Show provides an opportunity for professionals and industries to present their solutions and competences in the fields of energy, building, mobility, climate change mitigation and other related services. A showcase of clean technologies and solutions that are poor in greenhouse gas emissions will be the main axis of the Climate Show. The exhibitors will show their technologies, products and services in the field of climate protection.

Exhibitors will be able to choose between a solution for the delivery of a turnkey stand or choose to rent a gross exhibition area only. It is also possible for a co-exhibitor to share an exhibition space with the main exhibitor. In addition, exhibitors will be able to register their solutions and products in the Climate Show Market for a period of one year. This shop constitutes the market for products and services that are available for the protection of the climate.

Surface and Stands Availability for Exhibitors
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Exhibition Areas


Demonstration of machines and equipment for energy efficiency and production of renewable energies; Biomass, wind turbines, solar cells (solar kits), solar thermal energy, solar fuels and fuel cells, alternative solutions such as wave energy, etc.


Efficient vehicles that meet sustainability criteria such as electric bicycles, electrical terminals, electric cars, public transportation such as electric buses, biodiesel engines, etc.

Financing Projects

Ecological, sustainable or Minergie mortgages, federal subsidies (certifications, clean carbon market in Switzerland and in the EU, the UN Green Fund, allocation, criteria, operation, etc.); Climate ventures and climate bonds, the Swiss carbon market and EU-ETS (the carbon emission trading market), etc.


Improving the thermal insulation of family homes, apartment buildings and administrative buildings, heat recovery techniques, replacement of heating systems with renewable energy, solar windows, etc.

Climate Change

Solutions for climate change resilience; Smart irrigation to counter erosion and droughts, construction of wetland systems, early warning systems; New IT systems for monitoring droughts and natural hazards in the Alps, protection of glaciers, etc.

Circular Economy

Closing the loop eco-principle solutions including recycling principles and valorization processes such as in agro-food biomass, waste reduction, replacement of synthetic materials such as plastics, carbon footprint reduction in supply and manufacturing value chain & processes including eco-labeling and carbon calculation.

Stand Rates

Smart Pack

9m2 stand with furniture
CHF 1350 For 5 Days
  • Surface of 9m2
  • Walls H250cm
  • 1 power strip

Innovation Space

4m2 stand with furniture
CHF 180 Per Day
  • 1 table/desk
  • 2 high chairs
  • 1 power strip
Best Deal

Demo Space

From 9 to 27m2
CHF 155 Per m2 for 5 Days
  • Surface of 9m2
  • Surface of 18m2
  • Surface of 27m2


From 9 to 27m2 all included
CHF 4900 For 5 Days
  • 9m2 All Included
  • 18 m²: CHF 6900
  • 27 m²: CHF 8600

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