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Environmental sponsorship program for the remediation of damaged sites

The Climate Show  launched the international program “Guardians of the Planet”. The aim of this program is the restoration, including clean-up, phytoremediation, bioremediation, etc. of certain important and universal damaged or polluted sites in different regions. This with a real impact to bring back sustainability by removing contamination from polluted sites such as rivers, soils, etc. The “Guardians of the Planet” program can possibly be combined with “Team building” for those who are interested in involving their employees in the technical work of pollution removal or to offset carbon emissions. 

This program include the restoration of polluted soils, beaches and rivers, ocean waste collection, coral reef protection, etc.

Participants receive a certificate “Guardians of the Planet”.

Contribute to onsite NGO's work

Contribute to the work of environmental organizations on-site

You not only contribute in rebuilding damaged sites, but can also go explore great natural and cultural landscapes and learn more about the work of environmental NGO's on-site.

Get involved in the environmental sponsorship program

Become a Guardian of the Planet

Sponsorship program for the renovation of damaged sites

the “Guardians of the Planet” sponsorship program for the renovation of damaged sites in different regions

Get Involved In Remediation of Polluted Sites Projects

Contact us if you would like to become part of the program "Guardians of the Planet".

The Climate Show offers opportunities to individuals and organisations to sponsor remediation projects in beautiful regions worldwide. These projects of remediation of damaged universal sites are organized in collaboration with local environmental associations. The participants not only contribute in rebuilding polluted sites and learn from these unique experience, but they can also go in certains cases and explore the exceptional natural and cultural landscapes of the regions and visit the work of environmental organizations on-site.

Guardians of the Planet Brochure (PDF).

You can sponsor one of the following projects

Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

Ocean, lake and river pollution removal

Coral Reefs

Coral reef protection


Beaches cleaning


Reforestation of damaged lands


Eco-protection of natural sites that include fauna


Remediation of polluted soils that include flora


Different options are available and are subject to change depending on onsite needs.

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