EcoModa - Sustainable Textile & Dyes

Promotion of eco-solutions & innovations for Climate Protection

Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Centre
18 March 2022

Unmissable opportunities for open discussions, to be close and to share on real issues in relation to climate change


EcoModa - Sustainable Textile & Dyes

One-day conference & Visit of the main exhibition

Eco inventions for the fashion, textile and dyeing industry, as well as the concept of slow fashion and the new garment recycling processes recently introduced to the market.

It is well known that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries today because it generates large quantities of polluted water, chemicals, dyes, materials dumped in landfills, etc. In the past, the fashion industry focused and progressed mainly in the design and promotion of lifestyle clothing and in marketing and branding, with limited attention to the environmental damage that has been created. Even today, little is done in this area in terms of using climate safe technologies or implementing sustainability through production chains and eco-social practices. It is therefore becoming very urgent that all eco-friendly inventions and solutions in this field are quickly brought to the market and brought to the attention of the major players in the fashion industry.  This one-day conference will aim to provide direction for effective change in this sector at the root level by showing intelligent presentations of eco-friendly technologies (natural fibers, wood-based fibers, electric dyes, etc.). In addition, experts will exchange on the concept of slow fashion and list some innovations on clothing recycling processes recently introduced on the market.

special sessions

The topics of the sessions will be:

  • Eco-technologies, sustainable fibers and dyes
  • Slow fashion and sustainability from local producers
  • Recycling to prevent landfilled textiles and GHG emissions


Friday 18 March 2022 @08:30 - 13:30 (Presentations) followed by the visit of the main exhibition.


Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Centre, Route François-Peyrot 34, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex


Climate Show

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Organizers & key speakers

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Share on real issues in relation to climate change

The conference will be held in parallel to another one-day conference

The EcoModa – Sustainable Textile & Dyes conference will be held in parallel to another one-day conference listed below, this in order to maximize collaboration, create synergies and dialogue on the different aspects. The Conference will be followed by a networking lunch.

Unmissable opportunities for open discussions

create synergies & dialogue

Circular Economy & Recycling

A zero-waste concept conference - During this one-day, effective projects in circular economy will be presented to show some methodologies on how to close the loop, including recycling and recovery practices such as biomass valorization, recycling of synthetic materials such as plastics, textiles, etc.


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EcoModa - Sustainable Textile & Dyes

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