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Geneva Climate Show 2022

The International Climate Show will be held at Geneva Palexpo from 16 to 20 of March 2022 and will be the marketplace for innovations and solutions for climate protection and carbon emissions reduction. This unmissable event meets an increasing demand in this sector and will give visibility to new solutions and outcomes related to the reduction of carbon emissions and the mitigation of climate change effects. This event will be an opportunity for visitors to the Show to discover the latest innovations on a global level. Industry professionals will have the opportunity to present their solutions and know-how in the fields of renewable energy, ecobuildings, green mobility, agri-nature, circular economy, mitigation of the effects of climate change, and other related services and activities. Participants will be able to interact in the networking space reserved for this purpose, being amongst the most important stakeholders in the fight against global warming.

The Climate Show Mission

The International Climate Show (Salon International du Climat) is an independent structure acting in compliance with the highest human and environmental values. The mission of the Climate Show is spreading sustainability in all its forms (products, services or social behavior) in the various sectors of everyday life. The exhibition of the Climate Show is one of the means of dissemination of sustainability and focusses on environmental-friendly solutions and innovation including bringing into light some traditionnal sustainable solutions that have been neglected.

The Organizational Team

The organizational team is composed of scientists and a technical team who mainly focus on annual innovations in the scientific field to reduce CO2 emissions, ways to remove pollution in soil, air, rivers, oceans, food, etc. and highlighting sustainble inventions. This is to advance change towards a sustainable economy while supporting innovation and entrepreneurship of climate-friendly projects and their introduction to the market.

Exhibition and participation in the International Climate Show

Only projects of organisations offering eco-friendly products or services can participate in the Climate Show. Indeed, the Climate Show organisation refuses every year a very large number of projects which do not meet criteria according to its requirements. Contact us fo find out about exhibitors criteria.

Funding sources of the Climate Show

The Climate Show is self-financing through booths rental, the sale of meals and drinks and entrance tickets as well as sometimes sponsorship of the federal government, cantons, public associations and foundations for climate and environment. Sponsors and associations are carefully chosen and selected according to their high level of environmental and human ethics.

Behind the Climate Show

The Climate Show is completely independent organisation and does not belong to any private, public or state entity. The Climate Show is not under the influence of any external authority. The Climate show does not deal with economic or political questions but focusses only on giving visibility and promoting sustainability in different sectors. The Climate Show organisation is neutral and open to all organisations and people working for the protection of the climate, good of nature and humanity and gives each year a numbers of free exhibition spaces to associations and NGOs working in climate protection, environment or in fauna & flora conservation. 

At the Heart of the Show

Conferences, workshops and training sessions, Pitch & Investment sessions, forums, round tables and plenary session, B2B, Speed Dating, etc.

A multi-dimensional concept composed of different themes, workshops and forums organised around a showcase of technology & social advances. Tangibly, the Show attempts each year to provide answers to questions about reducing carbon emissions, limiting global temperature increases and adapting to the effects of climate change.

workshops & forums

The Climate Show Mission

carbon emissions Reduction, global temperature decrease, climate change effect mitigation

The exhibition concept includes depending on the location and the theme :

The Show includes as well a showcase of sustainable social behaviors and a gallery of cleantech products and services related to 3 thematic axes:

Clean solutions

Social and technical such as behavior change, renewable energy, eco-building, agri-nature, sustainable mobility, zero waste, circular economy...

Climate change

Solutions for climate change resilience, pilot projects related to the adaptation to climate change in different regions, new IT systems for monitoring and prevention...

Financing projects

Funding projects, sustainable morgages, certifications in the clean carbon market, Green Funds, Climate Venture Funds, investment in cleantechs...

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