Workshops, Events & Trainings

European Programs

Various workshops and presentations of European projects will be given by European project leaders in the sector such as circular economy, recycling, CO2 reduction, the adaptation to climate change, etc.


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Training School

The following training sessions will be offered in English and French during the Climate Show :

• Regulations and the CO2 law

• The economic programs for climate change adaptation

• Swiss regulations on waste recycling & biomass valorization

• European regulations on waste recycling & biomass valorization



Products and Services

The Climate Show Shop is the catalog of exhibitors and partners solutions and technologies. The objective of this online directory is to give visibility to creativity and to highlight services that are sometimes little known. The Climate Shop is the marketplace for innovations dedicated to the fight against climate change and that are currently available on the market.






The PitchTime session gives start-ups and small businesses the opportunity to present their innovations to companies and investors in the energy, transport, building and climate change adaptation sectors. Each company can register and give a presentation of a project for 30min.

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