Climate Show 2019

The International Climate Show will be held at Palais de Beaulieu (Lausanne) from 13 to 14 of February 2019 and will be the Marketplace for technologies and industrial solutions for climate protection and carbon emission reduction. This unmissable event meets an increasing demand in this sector and will give visibility to the new technologies and outcomes that are related to the reduction of carbon emissions and the mitigation of the climate change effects.

Switzerland, a model of innovation and a country with the most advanced climate protection strategies, is the ideal venue to host this event. The event will take place in Geneva, the home of the international headquarters of organisations, companies and NGOs active in that sector.

This event will be an opportunity for visitors to the Show to discover the latest innovations on a global level in this domain. Industry professionals will have the opportunity to present their technologies and competences in the fields of energy, buildings, mobility, circular economy, mitigation of the effects of climate change, and other related services and activities. Participants will be able to interact in the networking space reserved for this purpose, being amongst the most important stakeholders in the fight against global warming.

The Climate Show Concept

A multi-dimensional concept composed of different themes, workshops and forums organised around a showcase of technological advances. Tangibly, the Show will provide answers to questions about reducing carbon emissions, limiting global temperature increases and adapting to the effects of climate change.

At the heart of the Show
  • Technology showcase of solutions available on the market with 3 thematic axes
    • Clean technologies
    • Adaptation to climate change
    • Financing sustainable projects
  • Workshops and forums

Clean Technology

Clean Technology Theme

A showcase of technologies, clean and low in greenhouse gases emissions, will be the main theme of the Show.

  • Renewable Energies & Increasing Energy Efficiency: demonstration of machines and equipment for energy efficiency and the production of renewable energies; including biomass, wind turbines, solar cells (solar kits), solar thermal energy, solar fuels and fuel cells and alternative solutions such as wave energies, etc.
  • Buildings: improving the thermal insulation of family homes, apartment buildings and administrative buildings, heat recovery techniques, replacement of heating systems with renewable energy, solar windows, etc.
  • Mobility: efficient vehicles that meet sustainability criteria, including; electric bicycles, electric cars, the presentation of electric charging stations, public transport such as electric buses, biodiesel engines and more.
  • Closing the loop eco-principle solutions including recycling principles and valorization processes such as in agro-food biomass, waste reduction, replacement of synthetic materials such as plastics, carbon footprint reduction in supply and manufacturing value chain & processes including eco-labeling and carbon calculation.


Green Finance

Financing Sustainable Projects Theme

The issue of financing sustainable technologies will be addressed in this area:

  • Presentation of banks / foundations and information booths concerning;
    • Green, Sustainable and Minergie mortgages
    • Federal subsidies
  • Certifications in the clean carbon market in Switzerland and in the EU
  • The UN Green Fund, attribution, criteria, functioning, etc.
  • Climate Venture Funds and Climate Bonds
  • Swiss Carbon Market and EU-ETS (the carbon emission trading market)
  • Meeting between investors and companies (PitchTime)
  • Presentation of projects from development banks and financial institutions

Climate Change

Adaptation to Climate Change Theme

Presentation of recent developments in this new sector in Switzerland, and of other countries suffering from the increases in global temperatures.

  • Solutions and projects dedicated to the fight against global warming:
    • Solutions for Climate Change Resilience: smart irrigation to counter erosion and drought, construction of wetland systems, early warning systems, etc.
    • Pilot projects in Switzerland: modification of dairy production to the risks arising from climate change, solutions for the preservation of medicinal and edible plants in the Alps, insulating cover systems for the protection of glaciers in the Alps and against their melting, etc.
    • New Information Technology systems for monitoring drought and natural hazards in the Alps.

Workshops and Forums

Workshops, Training Sessions and Other Activities

Participants will have the opportunity to register for the following activities and discussions:

  • Workshop on the valorisation of food waste (restaurants, industries, hotels, canteens, hospitals, etc.)
  • European projects (e.g.: SYBAWHEY)
  • Advances in Asia and Africa
    • NGO projects and foundations in developing countries
  • The Climate shop and networking
    • Shop: listing of exhibitors’ solutions and products
    • Networking and B2B zone including the "PitchTime" session for project holders
  • Round Table: "Role of Switzerland and Geneva International in Climate Policy" (topic and title may be subject to change)
  • Plenary session

Organizing team