Round Table

Energy efficiency as a key to climate change mitigation?

This round table will bring together specialists from the energy and climate sectors, as well as from the policy sphere, to discuss with the audience how energy efficiency can help reduce the amplitude of climate change in coming decades and thus the severity of climate impacts in many parts of the world. The round table will begin with a summary of current knowledge on current and future climate change and related impacts, and will look into the solutions to the climate problem that energy efficiency can provide. Efficiency strategies include the aggregate local solutions and wider-scale global solutions. One of the keys to success will be the speed with which environmentally- friendly energy technologies can be implemented, which implies proactive policy measures for rapid deployment. The round table discussions will thus be devoted to reveal to the audience where we stand today with respect to these crucial issues for the future of the climate system and where we are likely to be in the next decade or so.



Prof. Martin Beniston

Professor Martin Beniston was born in England and is a citizen of Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France. From 1990-1992 he was director of ProClim (the Swiss National Climate Program of the Swiss Academy of Sciences in Bern), and from 1993-1996, he shared his time between a senior scientist position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and the vice-chairmanship of one of the working groups of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, that was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize). He still contributes to the IPCC process as author for several chapters in the sequence of IPCC assessment reports (1996; 2001; 2007). On October 1, 2006, he was appointed full professor at the University of Geneva, where he holds the Chair for Climate Research and Director of the new Institute for Environmental Sciences until his early retirement on July 31, 2017.





Mr. Marc Chardonnens, Director FOEN

Marc Chardonnens has been Director of the Federal Office for the Environment since April 2016. He is chairperson of the Executive Management of the FOEN and directly responsible for the International Affairs and Communication Divisions. From 2004 to 2016, he was Director of the Department of the Environment at the canton of Freiburg‘s Directorate of Spatial Planning, Environment and Construction (Raumplanungs-, Umwelt- und Baudirektion). In this capacity, he also acted as Chair of the Conference of Heads of Environmental Protection Services (Konferenz der Vorsteher der Umweltschutzämter, KVU) from 2011 to 2015. Marc Chardonnens has been involved in various mandates in the area of environmental protection and waste management at intercantonal level. Through these activities he has gained an in-depth knowledge of policy processes, the federal and cantonal administration, and economic and ecological conditions in Switzerland.




Prof. Martin Patel, Chair of Energy, University of Geneva

Dr. Martin K. Patel is professor at University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he has been holding the Chair for Energy Efficiency since 2013. His research deals with energy savings and emission reduction in industry, the built environment and at the interface between energy supply and energy demand (including energy storage). Martin Patel is member of several large research consortia. From 1993 until mid 2000 he was researcher at the department "Energy Technology and Energy Policy” of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) in Karlsruhe, Germany. After an appointment at Ecofys (Utrecht, 2000-2001) he was appointed assistant professor and later on associate professor by Utrecht University where he co-ordinated a research cluster on advanced energy and materials systems from 2001 until 2013.





Mr. Gilles Garazi, Director, SIG

Geologist by education, Gilles Garazi has worked for more than 15 years in the world of energy. He worked in the federal government and the private sector, before joining SIG 10 years ago to work in the energy efficiency. He started by developing the ecoclimate program, and from 2013 he piloted the eco21 program resulting from the merger of the two programs. Since 2015, he has been in charge of the activity Energy Transition business and he is member of the SIG general management.

Date: 6 April 2018

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Room: V

Language: English

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