Kids & Parents Workshop

Animation of a workshop for children related to glaciers retreat

Workshop leaders: Flore Dussey, film-maker and Laurence Piaget Dubuis, photographer


The workshop starts with an introduction to the film «Pendant que je grandis, vous rétrécissez»: «As I'm growing, you're shrinking». Romane, 7, will invite the children in the audience to learn more about the glaciers she observed last summer in Valais (Switzerland), Chamonix (France) and in Alaska's National Parks (US), before watching the film.

Film projection: 11 minutes

This will be followed by a question and answer session of about 10 minutes.

The workshop is based around the guidebook «As I'm growing, you're shrinking». There will be games, riddles, charades and amazing stories  about glaciers ; for instance, what  treasures have been found after years under the ice, and why do some glaciers have tarpaulins protecting them?

Further games and discussion will relate to the children's environmental awareness, raising issues such as consumption, waste and recycling habits.

At the end, each child can commit to helping make the planet a little greener. He or she can choose to adopt a glacier to observe throughout his or her life. The workshop leaders will provide a list of the most important glaciers in Europe and in the world.

This workshop is open to children provided they are accompanied by their parents.

Date: 08 April 2018
Room: T
Time: 10:00 - 11:00
Language: French/English