Venue Information

General information

Tickets (Climat Pass) can be purchased only at the entrance of the Show.

Ticket price (Climat Pass) valid 1 day:   CHF 10.-  (EUR 10.-) (VAT incl.)

Contact us for group tickets (10+ people).

Your Climate Pass includes the following:

  • Entry to the main exhibition
  • All presentations, special exhibition, educational tour
  • Participation to all workshops
  • Entry to training sessions and events


Climate Show Geneva

Date:          March 25 -29, 2020

Venue:       Palexpo-Geneva, Congress Center, Hall 7

Address:   Route François-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

All halls and rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Exhibition opening hours

  • Wednesday to Sunday                 9:30 am -  5:00 pm


Climate Show Montreux

Date:          December 3 -5, 2020

Venue:     2m2c Montreux Convention Centre, Miles Davis Hall

Address:   Av. Claude-Nobs 5, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

All halls and rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Exhibition opening hours

  • Thursday to Saturday                 10:30 am -  7:30 pm


Download Stands and Exhibitors Map

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Getting to the Climate Show 2020

Bike parking

A bicycle parking is available in front of the entrance where will be held the Climate Show in Geneva and in Montreux.


Geneva: Bus 5, 28 and Y  from City center. The Exhibition Center is located within walking distance from the Geneva-Airport railway station.

Montreux: Take the train from  Geneva-Airport to Montreux (about 1h).


Visit the SBB website.


Geneva-Airport (GVA) is the closest airport to get to the exhibition location.

Car park

The Geneva and Montreux convention centers (Palexpo and 2m2c) have an underground parking lot with parking spaces.

The locations are well served by public transportation. The Climate Show encourages the use of public transportation such as buses and trains or car sharing to attend the exhibition rather than using private vehicles.

Animals are not allowed at the Show.


Hotel Reservation

If you are looking for a hotel or an apartment for yourself or for a group, our service will help you find an overnight accommodation during your visit to the Climate Show.

Hotel reservation: Please use the form in the Contact page.

Geneva Tourism

Rue du Mont-Blanc 18, 1201 · Geneva - Switzerland · T +41 22 909 70 00


Montreux Tourism

Rue du Théâtre 5 · Montreux - Switzerland · T +41 848 86 84 84