The inauguration ceremony

The second edition of the International Climate Show will be inaugurated on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 in the presence of regional and international public figures. This second edition aims to promote clean solutions and innovations and highlight the urgency to act against the effects of climate change. The inauguration ceremony will be followed by a plenary session and will end with a lunch-aperitif, offered to all visitors of the Climate Show.

Workshops, Training School & Events

The Climate Show 2019 will be dedicated to various themes that are relevant to the current global climate problems in order to highlight the new trends and solutions currently available on the market. Participants will have the opportunity to register for the following activities and debates:

  • A two-part workshop on waste valorization that will bring together experts and key stakeholders to discuss available solutions from a technical perspective.
  • Advances in Asia and Africa with presentations on eco-tourism and trends for sustainable waste management as well as jobs in green sectors.
  • Plenary session and round table discussion including presentations of leaders working in the fight against climate change who will share their visions and observations on this occasion.
  • A workshop on sustainable finance as well as a PitchTime session of companies in front of investors and the public.
  • A workshop on the different actions put in place for the protection of the oceans.
  • Renewable energies.
  • Humanity (the closing session of the Climate Show 2019).


 The Concept of the Catwalk competition

Five brilliant innovations and initiatives with a real impact in one of the areas of the Climate Show are selected annually by the Show’s partners. The eco-entrepreneurs (Catwalkers) are invited to participate in the Catwalk competition held during the Climate Show.

A jury composed of entrepreneurs and investors will select the winner. The prize, the Crystal Cat Award, will be delivered to the winner. Moreover, all selected projects will benefit from media visibility, international promotion, and networking.

Visit CATWALK page for more information >>

The Climate Show Museum

The Museum of Ancient Technologies of the Climate Show includes products that are still used today, while their greener equivalents are already on the market. Come and discover the products and services that are part of the 2019 edition of the Museum of Ancient Technology of the Climate Show.

If you are a company and have developed clean solutions that replace those currently less eco-friendly yet still on the market, you can freely exhibit them in the Museum of the Climate Show.

Waste Exchange Market, Speed-dating & B2B

The Waste Exchange Market is organized by our partners in order to facilitate connections between buyers and sellers of biomass such as oils or recycled papers.

The B2B (Business2Business) and speed-dating activities organized by our partners will connect potential buyers and investors with exhibitors such as SMEs and start-ups, in order to promote business transactions or their innovations and new technical solutions.

Green Finance, PitchTime & Investors Club

One of the key success factors of a sustainable project and its commercialization lies in the availability of funding at each stage of its development. This is why the issue of sustainable financing will be addressed during the 2 days of the Climate Show through different activities, such as the workshop on green finance as well as the Pitch Time, which is the presentation of projects from start-ups in front of investors and the public. In addition, a networking dinner with the Climate Investors Club is planned for the first evening (only upon registration).

The Climate Show Market

The Climate Show Market is an online shopping place of eco-technologies and sustainable services in the field of circular economy, renewable energy, sustainable building, eco-mobility, green finance, adaptation to the effects of climate change and related services.

Only products and services that reflect a high level of technical ecology and sustainability can be listed online in the Climate Show Market. Product reviews and order feedbacks from customers are available for all listed products.

All exhibitor products are published on the Climate Show Market website. Visitors and participants of the Climate Show can order exhibitor products and services before, during and after the Show. The e-commerce platform allows them to make online payments by credit card.

For more information, visit

Green Movie Session

The Climate Show, in partnership with some film festivals, invites visitors and the media to a documentary or a short film screening session (see agenda for more details about the selection and the schedule).

The Food Court

During 2 days, the Climate Show, in partnership with local food and catering associations and small businesses, invites visitors and the media to taste classic culinary specialties. Come and discover authentic flavors and tastes during this major event.




Pulling his pulka for miles on end, alone and in total autonomy, with the goal of discovering this white world, David Rouge ventures further north, each time for longer periods, waiting to one day be able to photograph the grail: the king of the Arctic! In storms of minus 35°, meeting the eyes of a musk ox is a feeling of vulnerability that this adventurer photographer particularly appreciates. Living in the heart of the elements is a way for him to reconnect with nature. Swiss photographer born in 1973, David Rouge has travelled the world since the age of 17. A year and a half travelling Australia, two years crossing the African continent or months spent in South America, he is now attracted by a new desert, this time white - the Arctic. Fascinated by the simple and authentic way of life of first peoples, wild animals and all that pure nature offers, he returns from each of his expeditions enriched but at the same time upset.Between trips, David Rouge shares his vision of the world at exhibitions, festivals and conferences.

Sustainable Luxury Fashion Show

Slow Fashion Luxury

Sustainable Fashion show will present the "Slow Fashion Luxury" of the fashion designer Jessica Giannotti (Crubag), valuing ecological materials and raising the issue of textile dyes, among others.

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(This program might be subject to slight changes)