Eco-Sponsorship Program: "Guardians of the Planet"

Become a Guardian of the Planet

The Climate Show, in partnership with environmental organizations and diving clubs, launches the "Guardians of the Planet" sponsorship program for the renovation of damaged sites in different regions, including the reforestation of lands, beach and river cleaning, ocean waste collection, coral reef protection, and more, while spending an unforgettable time.

Get involved in this environmental sponsorship program for the eco-protection of natural sites that include fauna and flora and contribute to its restoration while spending a memorable time in extraordinary regions around the world. You can take part in the activities of the program, alone or with your family in different countries, to plant trees, clean beaches and rivers, etc. At the end of the project, you can visit the clean site as often as you want or gather news to watch its conservation and protection over the time. Participants receive a certificate of membership  as "Guardian of the Planet".


The Climate Show offers many opportunities for people of different age groups to engage in restoration projects in beautiful regions worldwide. Renovation projects of universal sites are organized in collaboration with local environmental associations. The participants not only contribute in rebuilding damaged sites, but they can also go on and explore the exceptional natural and cultural landscapes and visit the work of environmental organizations on-site.

Your stay on-site lasts from one to two weeks and depends on the program of the NGO in the country. Your sponsorship contribution will help clean, rescue and re-build damaged natural sites.


Guardians of the Planet Brochure (PDF).


Contact us by e-mail if you would like to become part of the program "Guardians of the Planet".