The Concept of the Catwalk competition

Brilliant sustainable innovations, successful eco projects or initiatives with a real impact in one of the areas of the Climate Show are selected annually by the Climate Show’s partners for the Catwalk competition. These eco companies and projects are invited to participate in the Catwalk competition held during the Climate Show.

A jury composed of investors, eco entrepreneurs and journalists will select the winning participants. The prize, the Sylvester Cat Award, will be presented to the winner of two rounds. All selected projects will benefit from increased media visibility, international promotion, and networking opportunities. The competition is open to the general public subject to the availability of places.

The Catwalk competition aims to promote sustainable innovations and solutions of companies and individuals. The competition will take place at the Climate Show which is held annually. The jury of the Catwalk competition will be composed of a minimum of 3 world-class entrepreneurs, investors, or journalists who will adjudicate the entrants and select the winning participants.


Selection criteria
  1. Outstanding innovation, bringing real change with a global reach
  2. Sustainable solution or clean technology
  3. Solution capable of replacing unsustainable technologies
  4. Service, product or initiative executed with large scale impact
  5. The sense of ethics, transparency and respect for human and environmental values
  6. The selected projects will relate to one or more of the following themes: mobility, construction, the fight against climate change, circular economy, renewable energy and sustainable finance.


Organisation of the Catwalk competition program
  • Project leaders’ pitch in the first round (No PowerPoint presentation, bringing an item to better explain the project is recommended)
  • Deliberation of the jury to select the finalists from the first round
  • Second presentation of the finalists
  • Deliberation of the jury to select the winning submission of the second round
  • Announcement of the winner and the award ceremony


The 2019 participating Teams are:

  1. Team FOEN
  2. Team Solar Impulse
  3. Team Swiss Climate Foundation
  4. Team Climate-Kic
  5. Team CleantechAlps
  6. Team Climate Show


The list of companies nominated by each Team is as following:

Team FOEN: Recommerce AG, eSMART Technologies SA, Planet Horizons Technologies SA

Team Solar Impulse: Sensile Technologie, BS2 AG, hiLyte

Team Swiss Climate Foundation: LEDCity, Good Soaps AG Roisatec Gmbh

Team Climate-Kic: Climeworks, KITRO, Matter

Team Cleantech Alps:  ecoRobotix, Sedo Engineering SA, Swiss Intech Sàrl

Team Climate Show: Ingelia, BioPencil, SaLt



Wednesday, February 13th : 18:00 – 19:15

1st Round

The partners taking part in the competition will each preselect three high-performing companies among those they have supported. The three companies form a team are paired with another challenger team. These two teams thus form a group (three groups in total: A, B, C).

First stage

The companies in each team will give a very short pitch of 3 min. each and answer the questions of the jury. The jury will select one of the three companies from the same team to advance to the qualification stage.

Second stage (qualification stage)

Within the same group, the two companies having passed the first stage will compete by responding (1 min. each) to the final question for the qualification to the second round. Thus, only one company in each group (A, B, C) will be able to pass to the second round. At this stage of the competition, three teams from each group will be eliminated.



Group A
Team FOEN Team Climate-Kic
Recommerce Climeworks
eSMART Technologies KITRO
Planet Horizons Technologies Matter
Group B
Team Solar Impulse Team Climate Show
 Sensile Tech.                        Ingelia
BS2 AG BioPencil
hiLyte SaLt
Group C
Team Swiss Climate Foundation Team CleantechAlps
LEDCity  ecoRobotix
Good Soaps Sedo Engineering
Roisatec Swiss Intech


The 3 companies that won the first round of the 2019 Catwalk competition are: Aqua4D (Switzerland), Sedo Engineering (Switzerland), BioPencil (Peru). These three companies were qualified for the final of the competition.



Thursday, February 14th : 14:45 – 15:45

2nd Round

The three finalists will be invited to give a second presentation (5 min. each) and to take further questions from the jury. The company with the highest score will be named the winner of the 2019 Catwalk Competition, will be awarded the Sylvester Cat Award and will benefit from further media coverage and networking opportunities.

Congratulations to the companies that won the 2019 Catwalk competition: Sedo Engineering (Switzerland), BioPencil (Peru).


From left to right: Fréderic Lelièvre (CNN Money, Jury Member), Fabrice Leclerc (Investor, Jury Member), Hernan Garrido - Lecca (Biopencil), Herbert Guebeli (Sedo Engineering), Prof. Jeffrey Petty (Investor, Jury Member)

About the Jury

The jury members are as following:

  • Prof. Jeffrey Petty, Investor and professor in Entrepreneurship at HEC Lausanne
  • Christophe Rasch, Founder and director of CNN Money Switzerland
  • Fabrice Leclerc, Entrepreneur and investor in innovation

The competition will be moderated by John Hartung, publisher of Market magazine.



About the Sylvester Cat Award (the mascot of the competition)

The Forest cat Sylvester has disappeared from several parts of the world and especially from Europe. This is probably due to the disappearance of its forest habitat. His return and his appearance symbolize for some, the return of nature.

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